About us

Our platform will leverage investments in special circumstances and/or arbitrage opportunities in Mexican companies seeking to unlock trapped value by liquidity issues, capital structure improvements, operating efficienciesor asset consolidation synergies.

Local Investor

We add value as an investor with our experience and an established network in the market

Value Creation

We actively participatein the strategies and operation of the companies in which we invest


We align our portfolio companies with all stakeholder’s interests

Technological Disruption

Special focus in sourcing investment opportunities in sectors or companies where technology is a disruptive element

We are part of the MRP platform

MRP Group is an alternative asset manager that builds platforms and teams to invest across asset classes

Strong, specialized, and experienced management teams permeate eachof our platforms

Since 2003, MRP Group has successfully raised 11 funds across four different asset classes with five successful exits

Industry leaders in planning, financing, structuring, acquiring, operating, and divesting assets

Extensive experience in alternative asset investing with over US $3.60 billion in raised capital